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LCD3DVG $699.95
  Included in the box:
  3-D Virtual Reality Goggles Head Set
  Cables, operating box, AC Adaptor
  VGA cord, Rubber eye pieces
  Disk w/stereoscopic and display software
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With LCDDIGITAL's 3-D Virtual Reality Goggles you can now completely immerse yourself in the game. Two small screens placed in front of your eyes, with Liquid Crystal Display technology, produce what would be a 40" image right before you. Clearly read words or ward off enemy blows with rapid gun fire. Experience what 1 Million pixels can do for vibrancy of colors and clarity of images.


The 3-D Virtual Reality Goggles allow you to see in 3-D. This means that objects that are closer to you actually appear to be closer. Objects take on a look of reality. As you race down a speed-way, actually feel like you're driving. The fire you see eerily looks like real fire. Play your computer game with a concentration you've never felt before, because you feel like you're really living it!

Hyper real 3-D: supports stereoscopic function
VGA connection to your PC
Ear buds to provide you with excellent stereo sound
Cool all-black look
Light, ergonomic design (play for hours) only 6 oz.

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality.