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Some Reviews From Customers
Reviews from blogs about our products

Just heard from a customer of ours from Sullivans Island, South Carolina, that in 2008 purchased our 8.4" TV. He was calling to get another remote control as he had misplaced his. He told us that during the hurricane season, he goes to a hotel and then several of his friends come to his hotel room and they huddle around this 8.4" TV during the hurricanes that hit his city. This was a particularly heart felt and endearing confirmation of our quality products that offer the exact right electronic application when one most needs it. Thank you customer from South Carolina for sharing this with us.

-- LCDDIGITAL representative


I am a medical professional so forgive any ignorance! I recently purchased the LCDDigital 7" TV. I live in Cincinnati which recently suffered significant damage and power outtages lasting greater than a week due to the remnants of Hurricane Ike. I also have satellite TV which often goes out with thunderstorms and significant snow. I regularly use and depend on my small Casio portable TV for emergency news and whenever my satellite goes out. After the recent mini-disaster here, I felt compelled to be prepared for Feb 2009 and the conversion to digital. I quickly discovered the options were few. I bought the LCDDigital 7" TV. It came as advertised. It is a sleek TV that came with a protective carrying case,car jack and battery pack. The battery pack takes 10 AA batteries and connects to the TV by a 4-5 inch cord. This isn't annoying to me, as I will mostly be using it at home, but would be if you wanted to take the TV to a sporting event, etc. To initially use the TV you have to go through a rather lengthy tuning process. I was surprised (shocked) to observe how many channels that this TV picked up! It picked up many stations in Dayton, Ohio over 100 miles away. The picture is excellent. I have yet to use the LCDDigital in a loss of power/losss of satellite situation but overall I am pleased with my purchase at this point. If the battery life is only 2 -2/1/2 hours, I guess I will just have more on hand!.
You could always buy a ups and run it on that if the power goes out if it will
run a laptop that portable will run a good while.

--LCDDIGITAL customer



After talking to Lauren  the tech at LCD about only getting analog signals and no hd, she suggest I hold it up against a window.  Not only did I open all the drapes, I also connected another antenna, and lord and behold, I got all the local hd channels by inputting the RF channels.  It is beautiful! I love this tv!  The antenna that is attached isn't very strong enough to get hd signals, but that is ok, as long as I could conveniently attach another hd antenna it worked out just find.  Not only can I get all local hd channels, I also get 2 Toledo Ohio channels. This tv is worth the money.  I took it to work with me (midnight to 8 am shift) and it was wonderful!  Now all my co-workers want one.  Thank you LCD Digital.  

-- Barbara in Detroit Michigan 


The TV is the 8.4 LCD Digital (LCD84ATSC).

Thank you so much for the great service, we really like the TV.

-- Steven Smith, Alaska

Just wanted to thank YOU and let you know that those old rabbit ears did a hell of a  job of bringing to signal to our tv here on the  island.
Your 8.4 battery operated tv is working perfectly.
We thank you for your honesty and integrity!
will show this to everyone down here.
they stated in the miami newspaper yesterday that there is no such tv on the market now...
but we will spread the word about yours.
it is fabulous.
paul smith
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Sullivans Island, SC
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