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Our Price: $299.99
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Solar Kit
Model: SK1

This system is comparable to the solar kits that cost $800.00! You have 2 solar panels which together equal 26 watts of power coming in through the sun. You get two batteries that we call our 24 hour batteries because they play our 7" tv for 24 hours each. Since our TV's use 10 Watts, you can use any comparable electrical device (about 10 watts) and power it for a total running time of 48 hours. This comes with a plug that attaches to the batteries and will let you plug in small electrical appliances just as you would plug into your home wall outlet. (This system is not to be used for major electrical appliances, such as your refrigerator, stove or washing machine)

Have Power whenever you need it!
2 Solar Panels - 2 13 W solar panels (26 watts of solar panels)
2 24 Hour Batteries (48 hours of portable tv playing time, or small electrical appliance use of approximately 10W)
Plug in (you can plug in your devices here, just like you would plug into your wall at home up to 150 Watts, this is a 150 W inverter) / 2 USB slots, one for regular USB and one for ipad USB
2 sets of Cables needed to go from your solar panel to your battery (you can have one battery outside getting charged while using the other one for electricity in your house)
Extra cables so that you can hook up more batteries to charge off your solar panels
  In The Box
Alligator Clips Use to charge other car batteries
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Use to plug into batteries
  Accessory Details
  Warranty Terms - Parts 1 year limited
  Warranty Terms - Labor 1 year limited
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